Java Weekly, Issue 460 – Java周刊,第460期

最后修改: 2022年 10月 21日

1. Spring and Java


>> Selectively Shifting and Constraining Computation []

>> 选择性地转移和限制计算 []

Java with less runtime footprint have a look at Mark Reinhold’s proposal for project Leyden to improve the startup time, time to peak performance, and footprint of Java programs.

运行时足迹较少的Java看看Mark Reinhold的Leyden项目的建议,以改善Java程序的启动时间、达到性能峰值的时间和足迹。

>> Observability with Spring Boot 3 []

>> Observability with Spring Boot 3 []

A practical sneak peek into how the new observability feature works in Spring Framework 6.0 and Spring Boot 3.0. Good stuff.

在Spring Framework 6.0和Spring Boot 3.0中,新的可观察性功能是如何工作的,这是一个实用的偷窥。好东西。

>> Migrating to Hibernate 6 []

>> 迁移到Hibernate 6 []

And preparing to migrate to Hibernate: no more proprietary Criteria API, mandatory select in JPQL, new logging categories, and quite a bit more.

并准备迁移到Hibernate:不再有专有的Criteria API,JPQL中的强制选择,新的日志类别,以及相当多的内容。

Also worth reading:

Webinars and presentations:


Time to upgrade:


2. Technical & Musings

2.技术& 思考

>> Push-based Outbox Pattern with Postgres Logical Replication []

>> 基于推送的发件箱模式与Postgres逻辑复制 []

Taking advantage of Postgres Logical Replication to implement a push-based outbox pattern instead of the traditional poll-based logic.

利用Postgres Logical Replication的优势,实现基于推送的发件箱模式,而不是传统的基于投票的逻辑。

Also worth reading:


3. Comics


>> Dave Is Considered []

>> Dave被认为是 []

>> Tina Is Considered []

>> 蒂娜被认为是 [迪尔伯特.com]

>> Impact Of Esg []

>> Esg的影响 []

4. Pick of the Week


And a demo of the full platform from vFunction – focused on application modernization and breaking a monolith architecture into microservices:


>> A demo of the platform []

>> 平台的演示 []

I’ll go into more detail in the email.


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