Java Weekly, Issue 441 – Java周刊,第441期

最后修改: 2022年 6月 10日

1. Spring and Java


>> JDK GCs Comparison – Sip of Java []

>> JDK GCs 比较 – Sip of Java []

A short yet useful summary of different GCs available in Java and their use cases – Serial GC, G1GC, ZGC, and Parallel GC.


>> Introduction to Project Panama. Part 1: “Hello World” application” []

>> 巴拿马项目介绍。第一部分:”Hello World “应用程序” []

Bridging between JVM and the native world with Project Panama: linking, native functions, descriptors, allocation, and more!

通过Project Panama在JVM和本地世界之间建立桥梁:链接、本地函数、描述符、分配等

>> Spring Data JDBC – Defining custom queries and projections []

>> Spring Data JDBC – 定义自定义查询和预测 []

And exploring different approaches to querying data in Spring Data JDBC – derived queries, custom queries, and projections.

并探索在Spring Data JDBC中查询数据的不同方法–衍生查询、自定义查询和预测

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Time to upgrade:


2. Technical & Musings

2.技术& 思考

>> The Performance of Various To-Many Nesting Algorithms []

>> 各种对多嵌套算法的性能 []

An in-depth analysis of performance differences between multiset and different join strategies (nested loop, hash, and merge).


>> HTTP/3 Finally Standardized as RFC 9114  []

>> HTTP/3终于标准化为RFC 9114 []

Meet HTTP/3: HTTP over QUIC offers stream multiplexing, per-stream flow control, and low-latency connection establishment.

满足HTTP/3:HTTP over QUIC提供流多路复用、每流流量控制和低延迟连接建立

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3. Comics


And my favorite Dilberts of the week:


>> Crooked Doctors []

>> Crooked Doctors []

>> Verification Code []

>> 验证码 []

>> Dilbert Gets Anxiety []

>> Dilbert Gets Anxiety []

4. Pick of the Week


I wrote about vFunction and their platform before. Here’s a quick but very interesting case study of app modernization:


>> Refactoring a complex monolith []

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