Java Weekly, Issue 440 – Java周刊,第440期

最后修改: 2022年 6月 2日

1. Spring and Java


>> Testing Clean Cleaner Cleanup []

>> 测试清洁器清理 []

A practical guide on how to test whether the Cleaner functions are actually cleaning up resources encapsulated by heap objects.

关于如何测试Cleaner 函数是否实际清理了由堆对象封装的资源的实用指南。

>> JEP proposed to target JDK 19: 428: Structured Concurrency (Incubator) []

>>JEP建议针对JDK19:428:结构化并发(孵化器) []

Interesting. Structured concurrency in Java 19 – easy cancellation and shutdown strategies applied to scope and concurrent code that looks sequential.

有趣的是。Java 19中的结构化并发–简单的取消和关闭策略应用于看起来有顺序的范围和并发的代码。

>> Kotlin 1.7.0 Beta Enables Definitely Non-nullable Types []

>> Kotlin 1.7.0 Beta启用了明确的非空值类型 []

Definitely non-nullable types, named capturing groups for regex, builder interface, and a lot more in a new beta release for Kotlin.


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2. Technical & Musings

2.技术& 思考

>> When Web Testing Becomes a Breeze []

>> 当网络测试变得轻而易举 []

Explore writing hassle-free tests for web projects using Intellij Idea, Selenium, and the Test Data Plugin.

探索如何使用Intellij Idea、Selenium和测试数据插件为网络项目编写无障碍测试

>> Kubernetes 1.24: Maximum Unavailable Replicas for StatefulSet []

>> Kubernetes 1.24: Maximum Unavailable Replicas for StatefulSet []

New alpha flag feature in K8S 1.24 that enhances the rolling update of stateful sets using the new maxUnavailable configuration.

K8S 1.24中的新alpha标志功能,增强了使用新maxUnavailable配置的有状态集的滚动更新。

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3. Comics


And my favorite Dilberts of the week:


>> Wally Runs Drug Trial []

>> Wally Runs Drug Trial []

>> Look Ethical []

>> Look Ethical []

>> Boss Hates Everyone []

>>老板讨厌所有人 []

4. Pick of the Week


A classic for a good reason:


>> 1,000 True Fans []

>> 1,000名真爱粉[]

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