Java Weekly, Issue 439 – Java周刊,第439期

最后修改: 2022年 5月 27日

1. Spring and Java


>> Project Leyden: Beginnings []

>> Project Leyden: Beginnings []

Humble beginnings for the new Project Leyden – tackling the slow startup times, peak to performance, and footprint issues with static Java images.

新项目 “莱顿 “的起点很低–解决静态Java图像的缓慢启动时间、性能峰值和足迹问题

>> Replacing Finalizers with Cleaners []

>>用清洁器替换终结者 []

An interesting read on how we can use the Java 9 Cleaners to move away from the issues imposed by the infamous finalizers in Java.

一篇关于我们如何使用Java 9Cleaners来摆脱Java中臭名昭著的finalizers所带来的问题的有趣读物。

>> Preparing for Spring Boot 3.0 []

>> 为Spring Boot 3.0做准备 []

And yes, preparation steps for a more smooth migration to Spring Boot 3.0: Java 17 migration, use the latest 2.7.x versions, replace deprecations, new configurations, and quite a bit more goodness ?

是的,为了更顺利地迁移到Spring Boot 3.0的准备步骤。Java 17迁移,使用最新的2.7.x版本,替换弃用,新的配置,以及相当多的好处 ?

Also worth reading:

Webinars and presentations:


Time to upgrade:


2. Technical & Musings

2.技术& 思考

>> Chopping the monolith – the demo []

>>砍伐巨石–演示 []

A practical guide on how to break down a monolith into sensible and manageable microservices.


>> New TOAST in town: the “pluggable TOAST API” concept and what it means for the community []

>> 镇上的新TOAST:”可插拔的TOAST API “概念和它对社区的意义 []

And a piece on abstracting away the way we handle bulky data in Postgres by introducing the pluggable TOAST API – bring your own toast!

还有一篇关于通过引入可插拔的TOAST API来抽象化我们在Postgres中处理庞大数据的方式的文章–带着你自己的吐司!

Also worth reading:


3. Comics


And my favorite Dilberts of the week:


>> Lost Backups []

>> Lost Backups []

>> Sunday Mordac Hurts Carl []

>> 星期天莫达克伤害卡尔 [迪尔伯特.com]

>> Work Before Vacation []

>> 假期前的工作 []

4. Pick of the Week


Last week I picked the application modernization tool from vFunction. Here’s an interesting, quick video of what the tool can do:


>> vFunction Assessment Hub Video []

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