Java Web Weekly, Issue 168 – Java网络周刊,第168期

最后修改: 2017年 3月 16日

Lots of interesting writeups on Java 9 this week.

本周有很多关于Java 9的有趣文章。

Here we go…


1. Spring and Java


>> Troubleshooting Memory Issues in Java Applications []

Fixing memory issues can be challenging. This comprehensive guide will give you an idea where to start looking for when you encounter them.


>> Pipeline as code with a Spring Boot application []

“Infrastructure as Code” is not a new approach, but definitely still very interesting for the significant advantages and maturity it brings.

“基础设施即代码 “并不是一个新的方法,但由于其带来的显著优势和成熟度,肯定仍然非常有趣。

>> Types Are Mightier Than Tests []

>> 类型比测试更强大[]

TDD is a powerful and necessary tool, although sometimes a weak one when it comes to checking the correctness of imperative programs. Higher abstractions coupled with strong type system can make your life easier by decreasing the number of spots where mistakes can even be made.


>> Coping with stringly-typed []

In the world of strong static typing, sometimes it’s easy to abuse String type. There are some solutions to dealing with such situations.


>> 5 new features in Hibernate 5 every developer should know []

There are a few new interesting features in the newest Hibernate release.


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Time to upgrade:


2. Technical


>> Kotlin 1.1 Adds Coroutines, Type Aliases, Improved JavaScript Support []

Looks like Kotlin is getting even more very interesting features. I am definitely curious how this one will develop over time.


>> SelfEncapsulation []

An interesting approach where you restrict yourself to using getters/setters when possible instead of accessing fields directly. This can make refactoring much easier if some additional non-standard logic needs to be performed when accessing fields.


>> Protecting Sensitive Data []

A few tips for increasing security of your highly sensitive data.


>> Is An Agile Java Standard Possible? []

And some interesting thoughts about the state of the Java platform development. It turns out that making the whole process Agile might be not that easy.


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3. Musings


>> Programmer Career Planning []

Sometimes it’s worth leaving the comfort zone in order to learn something new and to increase your position in the market.


>> Password Rules Are Bullshit []

Strict password policies can be irritating especially when your randomly generated password does not match all required criteria ?

严格的密码政策可能会令人恼火,特别是当你随机生成的密码不符合所有要求的标准时 ?

>> The Case for a Team Standard []

It’s important to make sure that your standards not only exist but are also high.


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4. Comics


And my favorite Dilberts of the week:


>> I can’t feel my legs []

>> The vision was the hard part []

>> I like everything you said expect the “we” part []

5. Pick of the Week


>> Humans are born irrational, and that has made us better decision-makers []